Welcome to the website of DKR

DKR is a known supplier of cooling installations of NH3, CO2, Freon and other cooling installations. Applications exist within both the industrial and the commercial market. Our contactline is available 7 days a week. +32 56 71 03 21
For service and maintenace, you can send an e-mail to service@dkr.be.

Our vision is the delivery of eco-friendly, energy-efficient cooling activities in all sectors, a couple of examples are:DKR_Kamionette

  • Potato and vegetable processing industry
  • Poultry and meat industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Storage and distribution
  • General food industry
  • Machinery manufacturers

For example, appliances are water cooling machines, freon installations with piston compressions, ammonia cg. CO2 installations with screw compressors,…

Our three main sectors are:

Industrial Cooling Commercial Cooling  Climate control
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